M E X I C A N  F I E S T A

Photography Jose Villa

One of my favorite aspects of event planning is the element of transformation – when a simple venue with the right touches can suddenly transport guests to a different time and place.

That’s what I love about this welcome fiesta I created with Mindy Rice Design. It’s hard to imagine that the day before and the day after, this venue was just an ordinary parking lot.

With hay bale lounge furniture, license plate flower containers, bright Mexican textiles and a scattering of sawdust, any signs of a parking lot were long gone.

To the music of roaming mariachis, guests mingled around street carts featuring tacos, ceviches, empanadas and summer salads. Custom bars made of reclaimed wood served micheladas, margaritas and agua frescas to make sure no one went thirsty. Every bite and sip was delicious thanks to the all-star team at Paula LeDuc Fine Catering.

As the sun went down and lanterns glowed overhead, warm churros with Mexican chocolate sauce passed through the crowd for a sweet end to the evening.